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A Letter to the President of the United States

Why America lost in Wars?

 I had sent the following article to the New York Times. But it was neglected. I think the President of the United States had never read it.

Now I put it here, before I forget it completely.

And I believe the President could reach it via other channels.

Two reasons made America lost.

One: They are good at science but weak at mind power.

Two: They are rich.

Rich people seldom care about philosophy. Philosophy is only for poor people. When people have no money, they would think about the meaning of life. We are not in the times of Ancient Greek, but in the time of Hollywood. Hollywood people like to enjoy life more then probing it. Life is for enjoying, not for studying.

This is the reason why America would lose in wars. The Korean War, Vietnam War, and now, the ISIS War. American people seemed never can understand, why should they be always losing. Now the ISIS had occupied half of Syria, and much of the Iraq. Within time, they would take Baghdad.

"The ISIS War is not our war."

But wise people never argued about such absurd questions. It is another American War, and there will be winners and losers. It needs not to wait until the winners come to claim their harvest, and we will know whose war it was. 

And the ISIS fighters used only 200 people to take Ramadi.

The entire world would know instantly: it is an analogy.

An analogy to know the present situation of the war.

It is the same situation like Saigon in Vietnam.

How could it be possible, with only 200 people, they can captured the most important place of Ramadi, which is the shield of Baghdad? (People said it was 800 later)

Rich people, especially rich young American people don't go to wars. They are just not interested. Let the robots do it. And the robots had reported a lost.

We can afford the lost. It is affordable.

And negligible.

Now people are more interested in unmanned vehicles. What do I need my hands to turn the wheels for? I prefer to use my hands on some other places. It would be more fun to hold my sexy girl friend then spinning the wheels.  But this is trivial. More important are the other facts.

In the first year of the Obama term, heavy burden like heavy snow, dropped on his shoulders suddenly. 

On facing the suddenly coming economic crisis, President Obama had advised American Car industry to learn from Italy. They should build smaller cars like the Italians do.

Now before the end of his term of office, the American Car industry had answered his request. But instead of smaller petrol cars, they built electric cars instead.

And this is a big event.

The American people are science people. Every one knew how a car engine works. It is not very complicated machine. You will see how the cylinders moving downwards, pushing the cranks moving a little and how the next cylinder worked and pushing the cranks further a little, and how the third cylinder pushed, and finally until the fourth, or even the twelve cylinder moves, the whole car moves away.

It is indirect motion. 

And this machine had occupied all the cars in more than one hundred years, though not very efficient; most of the fuel was wasted elsewhere.

Now comes the electric motor. It is just as easy as turning the doorknob. Do you know how to turn the doorknob? First you grab it, and then you turn. Turning could be so easy. The electrical motors were so much effective. No more heavy cylinders, it is much cheaper, and, it is direct motion. 

And there is a meaning in it. A philosophical meaning, I suppose.

The meaning is the American people will be much richer then before. They will double or triple their incomes.

There will be ten folds of income everywhere.  The whole car industry would not be the same anymore. The whole traffic scenario in the United States will not be the same anymore. Just like the Ford years. No more horses on the road, but cars. Now, no more gasoline, but batteries. 

And the fossil fuels are not so important now. And so does the Middle East. You can forget about Middle East. 

The American people could easily switch their focus from Middle East to the Electric. Innovations are more important.

In the next few years, we could expect the up going trend of the American economy. And Tesla had named their car the Model S, just after Mr. Ford's Model T. Here comes another blooming years like the Ford years. You will become rich in no time. We can expect all cars are electric ones in not very long a time. China and Russia, and the whole world will follow, too.

What does it mean in the terms of stock markets? Will the petroleum stocks still valid anymore?

This is the headache of Economist, not Scientist.

And the American people will lose in the ISIS war.It is also indirect motion. I can assure you that you are not losing it in the Middle East, but here in North America, in the States.

Because the American people are weak in philosophy, they can never win the minds of the terrorist. They can only fight with them, and lost the war in the mind. Now you will have to fight the war inside America.

I hope you can get the logic here.

The America is simply NOT allowed to lose the ISIS War by the American people.

Because, it is not affordable.

The ISIS is not the same as Communist. They are different. Communist would not invade America, but the ISIS will. Their ideology is spreading like fire, in the minds of poor people in America. They have not had a share in the America fortune; I meant the wisdom fortune as well as the real fortune. They just cannot think like the middle class people or the scientific people. It is because, they have their own philosophy, and you don't. 

Can you beat them in philosophy?

If not, don't give up Iraq and Syria.

The whole world, including China, if they are wise enough, will support you to do that. They will be your backup strength in many ways.

Copy Right
Written by Cheng Wing Lim
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