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Is There A Creator ?

9275  Is there a creator  20210222

This is one of the most important question in our time. If you cannot answer this, you will have a hard time moving forward. 

It was not easy to answer, but now we have a bigger chance to get closer to the problem. As the world is turning gradually into a cooperative mode of thinking and people are more mature not to destroy anyone who dare to raise this question, we have a better chance to answer it. 

We shall have a definite answer if one day human beings can create another human being. That meant you are not only to create another life, but another species. The species you created need not be the only species on earth. You can create a complete series of species like our planet and you can find a place to accommodate them and you will give them a chance to reproduce and recreate themselves. They will be growing and evolving like us. Maybe they will have a hard time at the beginning but they have been given enough wisdom to survive all difficulties and can prosper and live very well on another earth-planet. You will create orders for them, and you will also create exceptions for them. They will not be totally balanced like living in a toy garden, but in a constant struggle to balance themselves so as to keep fit and survive. And you will create angels or miracles for them. In some urgent moment, you will give them a hand like an angel have arrived and save them from the hell they are in. You will answer or neglect their prayers from time to time. And when they are living too balanced and losing the stamina to go forward, you will give them a dark angel of evil to push them off balance. And they will walk again by themselves. Oh you have been too thoughtful and it is important for the wellbeing of your creation. Their survival will be discontinued if your design is not good enough. You are very skillful in a non-balance way to achieve a better future.  

Well, is it absurd or is it possible?

Can we human beings create another species of human?

It is certain human beings in the future can do this. It might happen if not in 1000 years onward, but in 1000 million years later. 

Why it could happen? 

Because the wisdom of humans is unlimited if they can go out from the selfish self to a grand union of thinking networks, the possibilities could be unlimited. They are thinking in mind networks, not brains. 

It is possible for future human beings to think in a thinking network, and all minds can be parts of a huge network and they are wise and cooperative, and most important of all is that: they have gained time. 

Time is a given thing. But you have to fight for it at the same time. If the human species can last for another one thousand years, they might very possible to last for another million years. Anything can happen then with a wisdom much higher than the present one. 

If human beings can create another human being, that meant they are creators. It might be possible that they were created like this. It could be a simple but grand cycle and we are a little loop in it. 

And now this is another important question for someone who likes to think:

Why are you doing all this? To create another species? What for?

Before we forgot our original question about the creator, we would be more interested in the new question of why. Why do we need to create another species? 

Is it for fun only? Or is there a purpose to make another more advanced species? Who has given you and your successors this stamina of going forward forever? Are you working in some kind of grand experiment to quest for something more important and it is the aim of beauty? Are you dreaming for an impossible dream? Are you sure nothing is impossible?

Now we are getting very close to our original question. Is there a creator? You have a definite answer already. 
If human beings can achieve something like this, they will tell you there is a creator. And it will settle your mind. Because it is a question of no importance at all. Because you will be sure that the quest itself is more important. You are the creator and you are trying desperately to quest for something even more beautiful. You want to know more and you are working on it. 

What? Is the creator still working on something more? Yes, by answering this question, you will find out the most important thing in the Universe and your mind are settled. You will find peace within your mind and you know what to do. You are strong and nothing can deter you from going onward. 

It is possible for humans to create another human. 

You will ask me why it is possible; will human beings be smart like that?

It was answered long ago by a Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zi. 

He had made it cleared that all things in the Universe are related and can be communicated. That meant you can know all things in this Universe. And that meant you can do all things you would like to do. And you don't need a philosopher to tell you about that. Those are but very simple common senses that we should have. They are important. 

And let me, a humble little one on earth tell you the rest: 

If you cannot do it now, you can do it later. 

Because, you are not a short-lived single creature, you are a total species and you are growing generation after generation.

You can keep on reading and more will be shown here.

Because, many questions remain unanswered here and need more elaboration. 

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A Breakthrough for Humans

9274   A breakthrough for humans  20210218

        ( wealth growth of human beings)

This is a dream line of imagination. Human beings are getting rich since 17th Century, but the peak is near and human beings will not be richer in the next one thousand years, if and only if they can not have a breakthrough in science. 

Human science is on the same path since 17th Century. They are going the same route without change. 

They are using a better phone, a better car, a better house, but they are still using phones, cars, and houses, etc. It is 5G now for the phones and auto-pilot for cars. May be 6G in a short while and auto-something-more for the cars. It is just like a plant. You can expect the flowers and the fruits to come. And then more colors for the flowers and tastier for the fruits, but you are doing the same thing every day and every year. 

If there is no breakthrough, human beings will not have another climbing on the flat curve. It will last a long time waiting. For how long? One thousand years will be a short while. 

What kinds of breakthrough? 

Can we have a new mathematics which needs not to use numbers? 

That meant another branch of our civilization. And the point is can we have a new civilization for our new planet?

This is the real situation of human kind. 

Chinese Culture has a hint for the change. But even the Chinese themselves are too busy using the old science to satisfy the markets. 

A new breakthrough needs true wisdom. And true wisdom needs to answer forgotten old questions like:

What are we? Where are we going? Where are we from? What are we going to do? And more interestingly: How do I see the world from another angle? 

Maybe we can find a new solution for the new breakthrough. 

We need a new wisdom before a new science is born. 



Some Important Issues At Our Time

9273   Some important issues at our time   20210203

1. Human co-operation  
The first question is why. Why are the Chinese getting rich so quickly and how do they do that?
It might be a complicated study for those who are serious in getting rich, yet we can explain it in a very simple manner. 
The Chinese are right- brain-oriented and they have a totally different approach in thinking methods. The Chinese language are more convenient to create and sort out problems. Yet this is not the reason of their success. The Chinese are successful because they are working in a co-operative society. Their aim is to serve the people and it is real. This is the first-time human beings are changing from a self-centered and self-interested way of living to a cooperation and mutual trusting society. It is socialism. When a people has had a sense of a whole and has had a sense of dedication, they are strong. And this is a turning point in human evolution. They will be thinking differently as they are using a group-mind which is much effective than the self-centered individual calculation. Future scientists will find out the true differences of the thinking patterns of the approach. And this is the meaning of socialism. We as human beings are evolving from working individually to working together as a whole. This is the real reason of the Chinese success.

2. Democracy vs Socialism 

Some people are fighting socialism with a very special tool. They promote democracy. 
Thus you will find some strange propaganda in the world to-day. That is "Democracy vs Socialism"( not Capitalism vs Socialism). They do not like a co-operative way of living and insist a self-centered interest by using a term of "democracy". With this lovely term, self-centered interest was painted with a color of holiness. The very rich people would feel safe to keep their wealth. To see the real essence of the so-called "democracy" need another way of thinking technique: Internal understanding. 
People in the past view the world in two ways: mind and matter. The mind-matter form of thinking soon changed into a material-seeking mindset. Mind and Matter can never be balanced. There was a faith to believe in nothing except capital, or money.  And the term "Capitalism" was replaced quietly into "Democracy" . They would "contain" or destroy any form of socialism in the world. They would refuse co-operation. Actually this is the most serious strike against human evolution. Human has been evolving into mutual help, they know the importance of love and care more and more. But some people are against it with a selfish manner. 

3. Internal understanding

To find out the real truth behind the lies we must have a new tool of thinking technique:  The inner way of seeing the world. The mind-matter way of thinking was not necessarily the only form of thinking. We can see from another angle for anything. We can see the internal as well as the external. For example, "democracy" is an external way to believe the true intention of the people is represented. However, The true mind of a people cannot be determined by a simple hand-raising-mechanism. The mind or a group-will is a complicated long-term behavior of the minds of the people. It is never an easy and simple thing. And "democracy" is not holy and not the final settle of the human co-operation. And democracy can never be the road blocks of human evolution.  

4. Evolving into a net-of-minds 

We are evolving from an individual-mind to a group-mind. 
In terms of evolution we must see things in millions of years, not in our very short life time. However, if we can try the internal way of seeing things, traces could be seen. Numerous insights are found in human behaviors. Unknown links and even mind-waves are always a puzzle of many. Many people believe they have internal connections with each-other. And we are not necessarily thinking within our brains but in some unknown places outside our bodies. Some people believe we are thinking in mind-waves and not only brain-cells. We will not be thinking individually but in a much larger network of minds which will be more effective and we can find out the goal of human evolution and know where we are going. We are building a future garden of happiness in the planet and we would produce another or many other similar beautiful planets in the universe in the future. We will create not only a single life but a complete species of all creatures in the universe and we will find our goal not only in the final destination but in the roads of our development. We shall reach the truth, the beauty and the good and we are happy. And finally one more important issue: 
If you can see the future, you are the future. We are the future if we have a mind of evolution. We shall be there.   


Lee Chard: 
An evolution background of the US-China conflict (20200722)

The conflict between United States and China are but a small episode in the long run of a much important human evolution.

Human has been changing from a state of body centered period into a soul centered period. 

The first period took millions of years since the early evolution days of human. And it was only 2000 or more years later humans had come to notice a strange and new feature about their life. 

This strange feature is not easy to comprehend. Some thought it is a soul, or a mind, or a calculating function of the brain, or it is only the calculating thoughts. 

And some people believed there is a radio transmitter and receiver of mind waves built-in somewhere inside.

It seemed natural that in the animal state humans need not to think much. Now humans are more advanced as they are all armed with a brain as a thinking tool and they are the winners on earth. 

Is it only a "thinking tool"?

This may be puzzling for humans. What is a soul and what is a mind? Maybe it is still a longer way to come to a complete understanding.

Yet the situation had started 2000 years ago. 

We are changing from body centered to soul centered since then.

Mankind is changing little by little in this two millennium. 

Only a few geniuses had noticed this change. They were philosophers, writers, composers, and artists. 

We can see the situation in major masterpieces for the last 2000 years. From Beethoven to Mozart, from Tolstoy to Dream of the Red Chamber, from Buddha to Jesus and Zhuangzi, they had painted a picture of soul for mankind. If anyone needs to know what is a soul, he can search from any of the masterpieces. And anyone who had been deeply moved by the thoughts, he must be the kind of people who had the same feeling. 

The masters studied the spiritual and material sides of the universe. And they have a similar interest to look at the spiritual side. 

But the world had gone into the opposite of their findings. Most of the world regard money more than anything else. People need to survive, anyway. And soon the survival need had been replaced by greed. Wars have never stopped. Materialistic greed has been major living force for many. 

Soul powers are weak and Material powers are strong. 

The world has been changing, as the first success of socialist countries appeared. 

The major conflict between United States and China is a conflict of material greed and a collective thinking system. 

Mankind had been thinking in the cages of individuals for two thousand years. And now is the time mankind can actually think in terms of a collective way. The standpoint of a whole is different from a single unit. "What am I going to do?" is different from "What are we going to do?"  They can see differently in another perspective. Their aim is to serve the people while the elites in US is to grab the money.

It is an evolutional background of the US-China conflict. And this is the first time ever in the history of mankind.

When Jesus of Nazareth told his followers do not work for food, but work for a food for eternal life, he is the first philosophy from the West to observe the soul side of mankind. Now a time gap of two millennium had been lapsed, how far has mankind advanced? We will see the result in a not very long future.

The conflict between China and the United States is actually a war of mind. 

The war has been accumulating its power for 2000 years. 

In the West, Jesus of Nazareth has offered a concept of love. The concept has a deep-rooted source of thought that we as human beings are living as a soul more than a body. Love is unavoidable if we have the conviction of soul and love would be impossible if we were occupied by earthly interests.

Materialistic greed is the reason of war.

This is the main cause of unhappiness of the people who cannot think of themselves as a whole but a single and unconnected individual. They are basically helpless in the concept of an unrelated status. 

Materialistic greed is universal. 

By the other end of human culture, people has developed a collective way to survive. And a collective mind is thus created. 

A collective mind can see differently and the greed problem can be handled more properly. 

Ancient philosopher Zhuang Zi had presented the concept of a whole that meant we are one. And Zhuang Zi encouraged people to aware the inner side and external side of things.

Zhuang Zi did not mention love, but the concept of love was hidden in the inner feeling, which was also mentioned by Jesus. They had found the same thing.

To think in a whole was never an easy thing as the Chinese was dominated by the Confucius school which was not same as Zhuang Zi. The Confucius school was family centered and it was a small unit. It was actually individualistic and cannot avoid the setback of greed.

Now we can see the conflict of minds more clearly. 

It is materialistic greed fighting with a soul always.

It is a war happened within the mind and it was shown in the conflict of a material centered system and a socialist system. 

However, materialistic greed can be found in both the systems.

And you will see some strange people are working hard to promote materialistic thoughts in the socialist system. The conflict had started and enemies infiltrated.

Some people welcomed "One country Two systems" in a hidden wish to promote "One country Two minds", hoping that when people are not united in one mind, the country is weakened. 

Socialistic view is never the same as materialistic view. Yet now they are sharing the same roof. When you are obliged to share the systems, you are also obliged to share the minds, and you are now living in a conflict.  

To serve the people may be still the major thought of most people, however, you can see other kinds of public education are silently going on.  Focuses of the media were often found in the form of lower taste of material life in mainland China. (And this is the final hope and secrete weapon of their enemies. Their enemies are investing heavily on this.) 

A strong mind is utterly important in such a situation.

If two systems are to be maintained for a period of time, the problem of mind must be the first priority for the country.

Human evolution is a complicated and difficult way. We shall see many wars ahead of the millenniums. 





A poem by Lee Chard


                for a beautiful 2021




What is a footprint?

Life is like a bird's footprint on the snow, said an ancient poet.

Yet it is not the same as a man's footprint.

Footprints are roads.

When we have a road,  its nowhere we can't go. 

And this is the new insight from a new country.


人生到處知何似? 應似飛鴻踏雪泥。


What is life like?

Seems to be a bird's footprint.

She would left her mark on the snow,

And gone without caring her direction.


The foot-prints of a giant


風過   草動
鳳過   雲湧




The footprints of a giant

Winds whistle and the grass flow. 
Phoenix flies and the clouds blow. 

The giant walked through the land.
Footprints remained then.

There is a way and
we are learning to create.