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taiwan trip

The writer will be in Taiwan from today.  Staying for a week or more. 


What is the next stage of human evolution?

Quest9184  What is the next stage of human evolution?  20181227

The following two ideas may help us to see the coming of the next stage.


We are not the ones we can see on the mirrors. We are not young and old faces on the mirrors. All that you can see from a mirror is but images. The real thing is not here for our external eye to see. The real thing is what we have done.

Anything seen from the mirror is perishable. But the deeds you have done are not. Deeds were real and  not perishable. As deeds are the real essence of a thing, we call it human kind. It is not known whether human kind is perishable too. We cannot foresee the outcome of human kind, but anyone could see the outcome of a single body. It is perishable and would be gone sooner or later. But all deeds would remain a reality to constitute the total effect of human beings on the planet.

By the term perishable” we meant decomposable. Materials will not be gone. They remain in the planet. And the planet remains in the Universe. We shall all be decomposed, but our deeds will not. All deeds are composing into something. You must have done something in the years of your life. They are eternal.

If we start a war, the effect of the war is not perishable, though we are. We will be decomposed, yet the deeds we had done will be composing, it will grow up into something. The meaning of the war is not to win or lose, but that it has a force to push ahead something, and that is not for the war starter to foresee.

Every deed is not perishable. If you smile to someone, the smile will not be decomposed.  It could be forgettable, but not perishable. The warmth of the smile is eternal. The temperature of the Universe is changed by this warmth.

In this sense, the unlimited pursue for earthily happiness is meaningless. One can never drink or eat endlessly. Happiness lies in the creation of deeds. Do something and you will be happy. When we feel that one day, we are feeble and weak, knowing that we are going to be perished, we may still aware that the deeds had already carried our souls into the future. That, is a simple reality, and that is the needed understanding we need to have. If we are agreed on this simple idea, we will see what we are and know where we are.    


All the wars and human efforts in history were of one purpose only.

It is to find a better way to organize us human beings into a total body.

It may be the next stage of our evolution. We shall grow from individuals into a total being.

Now we are mostly separated and not connected. We were all like sands in the beach. Every one cares about himself more than others. You are a perfect individual, yet you are a sand. Some of the lucky ones would have the protection of a family, while the country would produce some external care for you. And there is a very limited help any country can produce. Anyone cannot avoid the nightmare of loneliness.

The real question is can we organize ourselves into a whole body like a big tree? Everyone is one part of the tree of life? Then we can produce a better effort for our planet.

We call our organization a “country”.

Some would argue that one kind of country system is better than the other. And sometimes it is the needed pretext for a war. If you are not democratic enough, you may expect a strike from your enemy, yet some of the fierce despots were under protection of the most democratic presidents.

If we can look back from one hundred thousand years later, we shall find it funny. Most of our organized countries were but external constructions only.  We were bits and bricks put together to form a country. We are not leaves and roots to live” in a tree. That means we are not a total life. Our country is not a living thing. It’s only a lifeless structure. We are put together externally to live in a place we call our country. The country will not care much about you. The country is more or less like a big commercial organization.

Why do we need a better organizing method to organize our countries?

Human wisdom was wasted in an external form of government construction.

If we can be organically organized, we shall achieve much more than now.  

This could be the next stage of human evolution. We will be evolved into a whole body, to handle all our future adventures.

                         *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. His focus is on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is the next stage of our evolution

9183  What is the next stage of our evolution  20181130

Many people claimed they have special abilities. Some of them could be seen and proved. Like some have soft limbs. They can bend their body into a ball. And some claimed to have unknown connection methods. They can see through walls. And some people have the ability to foresee events. They know what is going to happen. More claimed to have a special sense. They will know someone is looking at them at their back. If you admire a lady from behind, she would suddenly turn to see there is an admirer. It must be the feeling stimulated her senses.   

In the long ages of our evolution, what will come next? Will there be a time, the senses of a human being become the basic tool of every one, all human beings have got an inner eye of the senses? Yes if we are to have evolved a third eye, it could probably be an inner eye.  We will expect a smarter future in the ages to come.

Actually the most important feature of human beings is wisdom.

Would it be that we shall all become wiser to know the problems of the human kind?

                         *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

#The author can be reached by Whatsapp at 852-91864286


Who is the Author of Dream of the Red Chamber?

A note about the anonymous writer of Dream of the Red Chamber

According to the first printed version published in 1791, the editor said the author was unknown. The book had been popular for twenty years or so before the printed version in 1791. It was first circulated in hand-written copies in temple fairs. People were willing to buy the scripts at very high price. It could be dozens of taels in silver. Why could the book be sold in such a high price? It must be that the book was so attractive and it was all about the very rich noble people’s life and was unknown to the public. And more importantly, people can copy it and sell it again in the same or even higher price. A million words were not easy to copy, however, even several chapters could sell a good price. There was no complete version of the book by then, but loose chapters. For the first twenty years or so, the book was popular among readers in the old Capital of China. People knew there were 120 chapters in the book from the index on the first chapter, but for a long time, there were only loose chapters for the first 80 chapters. The loose hand-copied chapters were sold in temple fairs, or even vendors on the street. It must be a lucrative business by then. However, someone determined to collect the complete chapters and print them. The last 40 chapters were finally found and pieced together. Then we have the 1791 version, then a better one in 1792 by the same first printers. From the beginning till the first printed version, no one knew who was the author of the book.

As a lucrative business, the hand-written circulation was continued until the second world war. It was sold as antiques for collectors. People not only copied the chapters, they rewrote it, adding more vivid sexual description and putting on personal remarks. It was more welcome by the market then. One copier wrote in his remarks that Cao xue-qin was his nephew and he could “order” the author to alter certain places in the book. People believed him.

Scholars of the last century seemed not to think the author was anonymous. They would rather believe Cao Xue-qin who had been mentioned in the book as an editor, was the writer. But there was no prove of it. And the scholars were not in the position of a reader of the book, but analyzers of it. They could not feel the inner force from the story. They did not share the same feeling with the writer. They were busy at picking up external data from the huge volumes. That must be a hard work for them. Anyone who could feel the same with the writer, would believe, by the time of a highly authoritarian pressure in Ching dynasty, it was completely impossible to publish a book with such advanced thoughts at the time. Anyone would choose to omit his name to avoid being persecuted.

The scholars in China seldom doubted about the copiers. They believed them.

The most important scholar who had insisted the writer was Cao Xue-qin, was Hu Shi.

Hu Shi maintained that there were two writers. He had said the last 40 chapters were the work of the first printers, though it had no proof. Hu could not feel the inner spirit of the work nor he could see into the highly complicated structure of the work with some literature awareness. He was a politician more than a literature scholar. Yet his opinion was accepted until now.

He was deeply immersed in American thoughts and was honored by numerous American Universities. At least 35 Western universities offered honorary degrees to him. Most of them were awarded in the United States during the Second Sino-Japanese War period. It was strange, why the American people were so mush fond of him. Sometimes, Hu Shi would collect two honorary degrees at the same day. Yet seldom of the people in China doubt about the political intention in the move. The Chinese people still put the name Cao Xue-qin in the book as its author, both in Mainland China and Taiwan until today.

Actually this is quite a simple matter, however, the Chinese scholars had developed a subject called "redology".(The science to study Dream of the Red Chamber?) Numerous books have been written about the book and its writer. It was a funny dispute for 300 years since.

Chinese version  中文版


An important thought of Dr. Sun

Yes you can see an very important thought of Dr Sun Yat-sen here.  He had only signed his name on half of that ancient article about an ideal country.

Why  he didnot want the later part of the article?

It was because, the later part was fake. 

I had written about the fake part. Please check it from my blog from the link here.



Chinese version of Story of the Jade

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a note

The writer is to visit Taiwan from to night until the 31st of October, 2018.

The Chinese version of The Story of the Jade had been completed. Will be in the blog of Leecha in a short time later.