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How could the CHINA-US conflict be settled?


9380  How could the China -US conflict be settled?       20220703 

The conflict could be settled in a higher level of wisdom of both the countries. 

When  they have reached to a higher level of wisdom, they could see the real interest of themselves as well as the world.


We shall examine the situation if they cannot reach the higher level and we might need to know the following:-

(1) What will happen before they have reached the higher level. 

(2) What needs to be done in such a situation. 





甚麼是「輕」? 就是最名貴的衣料,而「肥」,是肚滿腸肥。是描寫唐代宦官的。

 意氣驕滿路,鞍馬光照塵。借問何為者,人稱是內臣。 朱紱皆大夫,紫綬悉將軍。誇赴軍中宴,走馬去如雲。 樽罍溢九醞,水陸羅八珍,果擘洞庭橘,膾切天池鱗。 食飽心自若,酒酣氣益振。是歲江南旱,衢州人食人。

 (啊,看他們來了。滿路都是毫氣干雲,鞍馬的車頭燈,揚起了地上的灰塵。他們是何種樣人呢?啊,原來都是太監內臣。他們身上的名牌就夠看的了。朱紱和紫綬,都是身份象徵。原來他們要來軍中宴會了。 來來去去的奔馳、寶馬,像流水行雲。每一樽都是x o,上碟都是奇珍。最名貴的洞庭橘,最美味的海上鮮。吃飽了心滿意足,喝醉了氣焰囂張。唉,這是江南旱災的一年呢。衢州都在人吃人了。)











Why is the right brain so important ?

 9733  Why is the right brain so important  20220602

It is due to the efficiency or non-efficiency of the right brain, countries had gone to different paths and their behaviour sometimes uncontrollable. 

One obvious and rather extreme example is Japan. 

Japanese culture is  left-brain-oriented. They had designed a left-brain-oriented language and the language made them more left-oriented.  

They can calculate but weak to comprehend the total scenario,  it seems.

The left side function of the brain is to handle digital objects only. A left-brain-oriented person can be good at languages and calculating. But they are weak in the total analysis of situations, they are lacking the power to comprehend and to feel.  

Many(but not all) of the left-oriented people turn into greedy as they can only understand the meaning of money. They cannot comprehend the total situation which needs the function of a right-brain. A right brain is for the complete scenario and the grand parts of it, while a left brain is equipped with numerous receptors to store language, chips, or smaller items that needs calculating. 

That is why the left brainers in Japan had started the 2nd-World-War trying to conquer the whole world, when they had calculated their war-resources and found that they were the strongest and unbeatable by that time. 

And it needs to notice that the left and right sides of the brain are not absolutely divided. It is only a kind of orientation or inclination of the sides that made the difference. Left-sided people can use some of the right side function, though they were mainly using the left-side, and were strong  in chips calculating but weak in comprehensive thoughts. 

That means they cannot be very creative. And  they will not have a deep feeling. 

It should be noted that there will not be absolutes in the brain. We need to use the term "oriented", that means they may not be completely left-brainers, but left-oriented brainers. They can use the right brain too, though many of them refuse to do so. 

May be that was the fate of history, I had found that there were more left-brainers than right-brainers. You have lots of left-brainer friends, though only a few were far-lefted and very selfish, but the average of them were left, they were bound to be a common folk and will not be achieving much and will not be talented. They cannot comprehend much in life. They can only count the money. 

Language had been playing an important role in the human thoughts. Japanese language is a spelling language. It is not like the other spelling language. In English you pronounce the words not one by one. You will not say w-o-r-d, but a  sound of "word",  however, the Japanese need to pronounce almost every single alphabet of the word like w-o-r-d.  That meant they had a smaller unit in the brain, and their left-brain is more detailed, and their receptors and chips are much smaller and stronger than the other left-brain civilizations. 

They are more tend to calculate than to comprehend. People like this will not believe in the left-right theory, because they can not have the experience other than counting. Many believed that thoughts are based in language and they use only language to think. They do not know thinking could be a much wider sphere of brain functions and could use other tools to think. Its a pity that most of the left-brainers could not feel it. 

It could be a tragedy if people live their whole lives based in counting.  What if the counting is wrong? 

The 2nd-world-war was started based in a wrong counting. 

Chinese people are more than lucky that they have a very special language needs not to arrange the alphabets. The words itself is a complete symbol, and that could be the base of a right-brain thinking. Though it could not be using only the right-brain, but certainly it is right-oriented. 

In the conflicts happened between China and the States, you will see the US side are blaming and cursing all the time while the Chinese side is only listing the facts. The Chinese people are not counting and can use a wider sphere of thoughts to handle things.

There are not only Left and Right sides of the brains. The function of Emotions is the third part of it. 

Left Brain   + Emotion     -->  Temper (to blame)

Right Brain + Emotion     -->   Feeling (to love)

(That could be the reason why some people like to use guns to settle things in the States)

(When left-brainers can use their right, they could be good inventors, but still be bad tempered.  Thomas Edison invented the electrict execution chair and he had no feeling when he saw his victim suffered in the chair and started to calculate why his electrict current was not strong enough.  )

And brains are but tools of the mind. As mind is the ultimate decision maker. It is fine if the mind has got a better tool, but if the mind do not have a proper tool, still the mind can manage to make a good decision. 

That is the reason of hope for humans, even when you have a very bad tool, but still you have always a choice and do as your deeper mind decides.     

We need to say a few word more, as the thinking process is not only a brain function, it could be a total process of all the human body, including the heart, the intestine, the liver, and even the eyes and the skin. When things happen, you would feel your heart beat faster with a special feeling in the guts, and your liver is helping a lot to keep you balanced. The total behaviour is your mind, though you cannot locate where your mind is but it is certain that you do have a mind.

However, we need to stress again that the right-brain is important as it can help us to see the whole picture. It is the source of creativity and inventions. It is the basic part of an advanced civilization. The Chinese civilization can do more to help the whole world if their right-brain function is well kept and developed more.   

Right-brainers are more lucky that they can use the left too. It is not very difficult for right-brainers to learn the spelling language.  They could balance themselves more easily. Left brainers can try to read more to open their right side, and learning Chinese is helpful. Serious thinkers would try to use the Chinese writing brush to write.  It is beautiful, and right-oriented.                         
















The Universe Man

You will not see the great poets, but they are always here with their words.

Life is in life,  humans will be angels.

Spirits are in the universe,  wisdom coming up like spring.

We shall be walking hand in hand, thousands of years in time.

Where are we going?  The road is easy to search.

Both you and I knew it well,  it's all the way up.

There are millions of flowers,  each one has its own color.

There are millions of life spans,  each of them are bright.

There is a secret in the universe,  It's opening  one by one  like flowers.

Bravery and perseverance are here,  we search with our heart,  our blood, our qi  and our strength.

Until one day  we have found the truth and the beauty.

It's all the good in the universe for us.

@ i do hope some one would translate it better.







What is the real situation in China?

A last year scene to review today........

9300  What is the spirit in Beijing University   20210721

"One must live for a great cause",  my teacher wrote for me in my Junior high school graduation ceremony. I kept that in memory and will never forget. 

"One must build his self-respect", this is the line given to the students in a graduation ceremony in Beijing University recently. 

It is contrary to the spirit of China. China is a good example of human evolution. Humans have been changing from a self-interest period to a co-operation period. Selfless dedication is the new spirit in China. To serve the people is the goal for the best students in China.  

A representative of the teachers gave a short speech in the ceremony and won many applauses. It was the response from the students which is an alert to see how the spirit in Beijing University has been decaying. 

Self-honor, Self-trust, Self-illumination, Self-assurances, Self-love, etc. were the theme of the so-called self-respect. Its all centered in the self while the main trend of   a selfless dedication spirit to serve the people was neglected. 

The speaker did not mention about the people and the country. His concern was how should one build his own self-respect only. That is Confucian doctrine. And the spirit of Confucianism must have been creeping in the University for a long time.........

Students gave long applause for the speaker. The moral in Beijing University was shown in that moment.    



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