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What will happen to the world if nobody believes in the Bible?


There will be a really big change to the world if people do not trust the Bible anymore.

However. please be reminded that the Bible is not the same as the thoughts of  Jesus.   When people are starting to doubt  the Bible especially the Old-Testament, but still  they know the difference of Jesus and the Bible.   They will cherish love more than ever.

The Bible have been dominating the Western world for thousands of years.

And now  due to the tragic happenings in Gaza,  the world are awared the stories in the Bible are not true.

The Israelis had changed the world  when the world is still waiting to see what will happen next. 


Will there be life after life?


Will there be life after life?

There were answers from the ancient humans. 

They did not have modern technologies by then.

They can only approach the problem from the inner mind.

There were different answers.  

There are different answers.

Most of them believed that there is life after life.

It is up to your own judgement to believe it or not.

I think life is like water.

Life will not be perished.

Only that you will not know if you return,  can you return to the same position like you are.

If you are a king,  will you return to be a king again?

I'm not sure about that.

I am sure that you will return. 

And you will carry something to return.

A baby coming to the life  is not empty handed.

There are so many different features in the baby  to help him or her  develop into a genius or one of the common folk.

But still the baby has a  personal inner choice.

Will the babies carry their    achievement to the next life?

The answer is almost certain.

It is important.

Your hard work will not be wasted.

Some people are certain that they will come back.

They have a reason to believe that.

Although they will not be in the same position.

But their mind will be the same.

This  is the reason for human progress.

This is the reason for a meaningful life.

The meaning of this faith is important.

There must be a concern in your life.

The concern is not only for the present world.

The concern is for our future.

We will be coming back.

We will enjoy the beautiful life in future.

It is just like the flowers.

They are so beautiful.

And the  beauty will last to the next generation.

To concern and to return.

You will not forget about this.


Why internal approach is a must for all?


Why internal approach is a must for all?

Humans can approach anything internally or externally.

Externals  are the things you can measure, you can see, you can read,  you can calculate,  or you can eat.

But you can never fully understand your object  if you can see only the external side.

It's a tragic failure for all external explorers.

External approach can help you to get rich sometimes.   But it can never help you to get satisfied.

That is the reason why  the United States  people  can never settle the problem of poverty,  drug use, violence and many other sad things  in  their country  even though they are the richest country in the world.

Because they are not using their mind.

Because they cannot approach the facts internally.

If you can see the things in the mind,  you can easily understand life,  or the universe.

You will know that there is no beginning of the universe,  and there is no boundary outside the universe. And it is the same with life.  There is no ending of life,  and there is no beginning of life.

If you can use your mind,  you can know that  you have a concern for everyone and  everything.

You are one in the universe  and the universe is one in you.

It is so simple.

That you know you will not die.   Even though you might failed this time,  but you will always have a chance to return.

There will be a return for the concern.

It's just like water.  River flows into the sea.  But there is always a river.  Because  they will return.

Internal approach can help us to get into  the core of everything.

But internal approach is not everything.

Some people refuse to explore externally. They would hide themselves into mountains.   They would meditate all day, all night.

 But without the help of external study,  internal approach can reach nothing.   And this is the painful experience of human culture.

It is the same with the absolutely external approach.  It is the tragedy of mankind.

Rich countries can get to no where  without the help of internal approach.


For China, what is the worst scenario?


A moment ago, I was saying the worst scenario to tell your child is anything could happen.   And I said that the best scenario is being rich suddenly.

When I finished writing the article,  I was tired and went to sleep.

However, something extraordinary sprang into my mind.

The worst scenario is your enemy has become rich suddenly, not you.

You have not been rich,  and your enemy is much richer than you.

Your enemy has become 10 times stronger than before suddenly.

When you are busy chasing flies in your home,   your enemy has become a giant standing behind you.

And it is true.

The AI development of chips tripled the earnings of an American company.  The Nvidia AI chips sales explored suddenly.

And the demand for AI chips from the world to the United States has become astronomical.

This is a news not to be neglected.

The United States will become rich in a very short time.

The economic confrontation will rise to a very high point easily.

Everything will not be the same as yesterday  when you are still hesitating to do this or not to do that.

All I can tell you is that the basic situation has not been changed.

The inner confrontation of the two cultures have not been changed.

They are what they are and you are what you are.

Do you have a strong mind ?

If you are beaten to the ground,  you need to stand up again. 

You know you'll come back.

This might be the best lesson you want your children to learn.


What is the worst scenario you want to tell your child?


What is the worst scenario you want to tell your child?

It is important to let your child know that anything could happen in the long run of life,  only those have a preparation of mind can handle the hardship.

For example, someone had suddenly become blind.  Can he handle such extreme condition  if he does not have a strong mind?

Someone will suddenly lost their family.   Their parents could die,  and they will become orphans suddenly.  They might be street sleepers.  There will be no home and no food.

Only the strongest can survive.

And the question is how.

You need to have a strong body. But a strong body is useless if a strong mind is not equipped.

That means you know the meaning of life. You have a purpose for your life.  You can support yourself until the last moment.

What is the meaning of life? Only those who can raise such a question can answer themselves

This is the lesson you must tell your child.   And this is the lesson you must tell yourself too.

What if you are old and weak  and nobody can help you?

What if you are in a death bed and nobody is around to help?

What will you do by then?

You need to have a very strong mind to handle.

When you know that you have done your best and you will have a peace of mind to go for another journey, and you know you will come back!

And the worst scenario could be more than oneself.

The worst thing could happen to a country.

Rich country can become poor in a very short time.

Sometimes it is due to the enemies around,  and sometimes it's only due to the country themselves.

Anything could happen.

Do you have the will to fight to the last minute?

And the most terrible thing is not the worst scenario.

Most terrible thing is the best scenario.

What if you become rich suddenly?

What if you are famous suddenly?

What if you have won the gold medal?

That is the most dangerous moment too.

I think I need not say more, because you might know it already.

Being poor is nothing. Being poor will not ruin you. But being rich is the road to destruction for those not prepared. 



How much should a Hong Kong driver pay

 ......when the crude-oil is only U.S.$83.47  dollars a barrel?


How Ukraine War Boosts U.S. Economy?


For your reference:

One interesting things is:

If 64% of the money will actually flow back to the U.S.,

then where would the remaining 36%  be going?

How dangerous is a Military Nation happens to be your  neighbor?

Please give up fantasy.

Did 104 viewers read only one artical from my blog?


Did 104 viewers read only one artical from my blog?

 It happens since yesterday.

Google has allowed its users to see what articles the readers had viewed before.

Now they are hiding the viewed data. 

And it happened on the same day when  China viewers were disappeared from the data.

Why it happened on the same day?

Its interesting.


Do you HK people know where are your fortune?


You cannot say you knew it unless you can invest in your own self.

It is the same theory all over the world.

You can't be rich if you can not invest in your own self.

But in the terms of Hongkong, they ought to know more easily where to invest.

Hongkong is bilingual.

Hongkong has  got two kinds of blood in their veins.

Hong kong is the combination of the East and the West.

Some people would not say combination.   There would say confrontation.

But they are the same.

If you can send good things from the West to the East,   and send good things from the East to the West.....

You will be rich in no time.

What are the "things" ?

There are thousands of things,  but I wish to mention only one here.

For example,  can you wrap up the  Meridian points as a parcel and sell them as a cargo to the West?

It is the cheapest and easiest way to health.

Not long ago,   Hong kong has built a new hospital in  The Chinese University of Hong Kong with less than ten billian dollars.

If the Hong Kong people can build an acupuncture hospital,  or  Meridian hospital aiming at selling a special kind of knowledge to the outside world,  they would make big money.

When the Government of Hong Kong can invest (or waste) 600 billion for making an island to build houses  helping the  tycoons to grap money....or to spend a small amount less than 10 billion to help technology usage in science (not pure science or wisdom), do you think they would invest more money on the Chinese medicine? 

How much is enough to bring Chinese medicine to the West?   Do you think 100 billion can dig out some fortune under our feet?

You need to have extremely smart people to do this.

They refuse even to think.








Is Hong Kong still a treasure island?


Hong kong is losing money these days.  Deficit is a huge amount. People keep blaming "external situations".  People thought they can do almost nothing in such a situation.

There is a pessimistic cloud  on the heads of Hong Kong.

Not long ago everyone thought  that Hong Kong is a land of fortune.  And now this mood is gone.

Is Hong Kong still a treasure island?

Where is the treasure?

Where is the fortune?

When local leaders have no idea about how the situation will go,  they can almost do nothing.

Can you invite  more foreign investors to invest in Hong Kong?

I hope they are successful in doing this.

If you do not know where your treasures are,   can the Western investors listen  when most of the Western countries only wish to bury you?

Where is the treasure? 

When they are looking around  to find  treasure,  they do not know that they are the treasure themselves.

Yes, we the people are treasure.

We are born amid the West and the East. 

We are bilingual.

We know both of the cultures.

We are more than  mediators,   we are the world.

We must be very sure about two things.

1.  Science is the tool of  mind.    Mind is the source of wisdom.  If you're really interested in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics,  you will discover beauty   and see the treasure.  I wish Hong Kong leaders can  encourage us to seek truth rather to grab money. Because, there is wealth in the truth.

2. Our society is getting  aged.  It is a big worry for the economists. Population is decreasing.  And the cause is simple.  People like sex  more than love.  Even they get married, they do not want children.  

Powerful people only wish to promote sex. If sex is difficult to promote,  they turn to promote eating and drinking,  as desire of sex will follow and population will decrease.

Pleasure seeking people will not help to set up the mind of Hong Kong to seek anything. Truth and wisdom is a joke for them.

There are lots of things for Hong Kong people to do,  if they can turn around to see. Opportunities are everywhere.

Only that the power is in big  business tycoons.  It is so difficult to start a small business.  Because it is not encouraged.  Because big business does not want to share with small business.

Small businesses and street  hawkers are treasures also.

When people lost their job,  you need to let them find a way to live.  Do you?

Small business is also an important part of our economy.   Do not drive them away from the streets.

Hong Kong will be really rich with an open mind.