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李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


Who would shoot down the McCarthy plane to Taiwan?


 To solve any problem, you need to go one level higher. The thing will be very clear.

The above question is not a question. It is a signal to tell where is the point.

It is such an interesting moment. 

You will see the total scenario,  and you will see what is the outcome. 

 The outline of the enemy war plan is in your pocket now.





搖 椅 頌











A couple was sitting comfortably in a swing chair, it was admirable.  Here is a carol for them.

200  years were too short for the loving couple

3000  miles were too long for their grey hair

And this swing chair was just fit

They have enough space for an adorable swing


Why are the angels sad?

 9420   Why are the angels sad? 20230126

The angels are sad because of the fear people are suffering from the paper tiger.

It was the source of all the problems on earth.

There are no love and no concern  whenever the fear arises.

The problem is not with the paper tiger.

The problem is in the fear.

Sometimes,  a shout  could frighten the paper tiger away.

But there was no shout.   There were only shy away fears.

And we need to remember Bian He, or  Kua Fu. They were not fear.   Because they are looking forward.  Because they do not want to live in the past.  Because they prefer to die in the future.

Sometimes you only need to smile.

The angels sent only flowers.

The flowers could make the paper tiger friendly.

Because we need friendly  atmosphere.

We need to build our home on earth in a peaceful time.

And then we can strike forward   to prepare ourselves for a better evolution.

We would all become angels by   the future evolution.       

Can we turn the paper tiger more friendly?

Yes, I suppose so.




















Why it can be viewed from the other side?

 9417    Why everything can be viewed from the other side  20230118


If you change a position  to look back at the things,  you will see a much clearer image about everything.


If you are not to share the written language with the Taiwan Compatriots,  they will have their own.


If you are not to share the spirit with the Taiwan  Compatriots....

They will have their own.

They will share their spirit with the United States,  they will share their spirit with the South Koreans.   They will never share their spirit with you.


If you are not to share the  Resources with the Taiwan Compatriots,  there will be hatred.  There will be no love.  There will be no concern.  They will not regard themselves as some Compatriots.

No. 4

If there is a war with the kidnap thieves,   you need to kill your own people.

No. 5

Why it's difficult to see it from the other side?

Please check out the reasons.


What is first important in the Taiwan Issue

 9416  What is first important in the Taiwan Issue  202300113

It needs Four things to settle the Taiwan question. 

First is to share the written language. 

Second is to share the Chinese Spirit. 

Third is to share resources. 

Fourth is a war, and it is important to determine how should the war be fought to guarantee a victory, if it is unavoidable. 

All these four things are in two aspects: soft and hard.

The first three is soft, and fourth is a war, but the war can be not so hard if it is in a clever hand to handle it.  It needs some further explanation later.

Let’s get started from the first three.

No. 1   to share the written language

Some people refused to use the same written language in the Taiwan question.  Maybe there’s other reasons behind it. But if you’re trying to write a letter to your friend in Taiwan, and if you are sincere and hope that things could be solved successfully, you will use tradition Chinese ink and writing brush, and you will use proper words to write in proper forms same with the Taiwan compatriots. 

To unite all people in China, Emperor Qin Shihuang had ordered “Standardization of vehicle wheels and unification of written languages”(書同文,車同軌) ”Shu tong wen, Che tong gui”. It proved to be effective in the wars to unite China.  

Can you use simplified written language to write “We are of the same blood and the same written language” (我們是同文同種的) ? It is contradictory to your own mind if you wrote like that. 

When the words (們) and (種)  in its simplified form appears in the retina inside the eyes, there will be a huge exclaim. It meant we are not sharing the same written language. (我們不是同文同種的)。

It is a must to write in the same written language in the Taiwan question. 

The Chinese languages is a pride of the Chinese culture. It should be shared with all the Chinese, including the Taiwan  compatriots.  

It is the fastest language in the world.  Chinese can type faster and read faster than most of the world’s other languages. 

However, reading is far more important than typing. Because reading is the essential element in thinking. Thinking is a strange function in the mind, it needs no language to think sometimes. However, you can think better with the help of Chinese language because many written words are like images in the brain. It is the images that flows and combines. The images were in the right side of the brain most of the time. Spelling languages need the logical left brain to work on them. There is a huge difference when you are using your right side or left side to think. Some of the logical people did use their left side more than their right side, though the left and right side cannot not be completely separated.

When the Chinese language was simplified in the early fifties, the theory of resolution is not so clear then. People in the past did not know that a complete image of a word could influence the reading speed and thus the process in thoughts. The early concern is about writing speed and easy learning. Early people do not have any idea about the resolution in retina. They do not know higher resolution is important to read, to understand, and to memorize. 

All these theories have become secondary now.  Because it’s in an important time of life and death in the Taiwan question.

There might be blood, and there might be failure.  Anything could go wrong.  Please do not think it is easy or there will be a hundred percent success waiting for the lucky and lazy boy. There is no reason not to do this. There is no bad result using the high-resolution written language, there is no other bad side of the issue. It is a tool to unite all Chinese in the whole world. 

Important is to win the mind. If you do have the minds with you, lands will follow, wars will be won. It is a must to win the minds first.

To win the ears before the mind is vital. If people are not listening, everything will be lost, including the Taiwan island and difficult international relations will come afterwards.

All Chinese knew their common hero Cang Jie. When the name of Cang Jie was mentioned, ears would turn on you immediately.

Cang Jie had created a tool for the Chinese to think.  

Chinese language is the only non-spelling language in the whole world. And it was said that this language is using the right brain.  it is easier to comprehend and to search deep into the inner side.

The Chinese were smart not to change their own language into a spelling language not long ago. However, it’s a disadvantage for the Chinese to simplify their written language. Because writing is not a problem anymore. As the Chinese had invented many different ways to input the Chinese into phones and computers, writing issue is settled, reading issue is not. By using simplified Chinese, there are fewer output elements in the characters. It is not easy to read the simplified Chinese like the tradition one. A simplified word is just like a low-resolution photograph. And low-resolution is not acceptable in the modern world.  Low-resolution is a hindrance to reading and a hindrance to thinking.  It is completely unacceptable for the future development of China in the long run. Taiwan question is but a short-term issue, written language is a big issue in the long-term development process.   


There are only three ways of language arrangements in the world. One is going right like the English.  The other is going left like the Arabian. The third is Chinese. It is going down. And the Chinese characters are designed to read downwards. If vertically designed characters are lined up horizontally for reading, it wastes time. It is brain consuming. 

Due to practical problems in the phones and computers, the line-up issue can be settled a little later when the higher-resolution written language is accepted by all Chinese. 

Taiwan question could be easier to handle when   communication methods are accepted. It needs a change to save blood. If all the minds are united together, Taiwan question is settled and the future culture problem is also settled. 

If the compatriots in Taiwan saw that the written language is to return to the high-resolution status, they will be happy and  atmosphere will change dramatically.  

No. 2  to share the Chinese Spirit.

One of the point is that it needs to be lenient. Do not push. A relaxed environment is most important. 

And this is a very serious debate. 

A relaxed environment is the wish for many. However, there will have no true friend if the same spirit is not shared. No matter how relaxing the situation is or how lenient things can be. Being relaxed is not to give up the Spirit. There must be a soul always.  

Having no spirit is the worst thing for a country.  The country will be going nowhere.

Foreign power will sneak in silently. China will be a follower to the western leadership.

What is the difference? A Western spirit or a Chinese Spirit?

Western spirit is under dominance of the left brain. They tend to use logic and language to think. They would compose all ideas into one single formula. That's why western people have a bible while Chinese people do not have one. Chinese spirit is composed of many stories. It was created by the people and will be growing in the future.

The following is from the Chinese spirit. And this spirit is certainly acceptable to the Taiwan compatriots. 

1. The spirit of searching to find out the purpose of the universe and human.(Kua Fu)

2. The spirit of helping and loving and knowing why we are here. (Nu Wa)

3. The spirit to fight for an ideal.(Jade)

First, you will see a spirit of searching. People need to know why. The first question of Kua Fu is more than where does the sun go. It's about everything. It's about how the universe grows. Other questions will be coming after the first one. If you wish to know where does the sun go, then you will need to know where are we humans going.

Some of the recent politics are very much concentrated on the external structure of societies and property distribution, etc. It is better to talk less politics with the Taiwan compatriots. Because it is external.  More important is the inner things. The universe is not balanced. Many people cannot even to support themselves.  They need help. This is the discovery of Nu Wa.  

She had solved the question of why we are here actually.

We are not balanced. Some smart and able, some weak and disable. They need help. And we all need to love. Why we are here in this universe? We need to balance the universe. Hence we need to love each other and help those in need. It is the inner voice from Nu Wa. 


What is a human being looking after? Does he want balance, or the beauty behind the balance? Will there be even higher value behind the secret of beauty? 

It was at this point another philosopher appeared in Chinese spirit. He is Bian He. 

Bian He did not say anything about the stone. Later people would think he was looking for some inner secret of beauty. But there might be more. He might be looking at the secret of even higher values, perhaps. What is a beauty? What is the higher value behind the beauty? Future minds will tell us more. 

Humans need more than a strength. Humans need to know.  And the secret is like a piece of Jade. Some people are willing to be a broken jade rather than a piece of good tile. There is a much higher dream within the jade.


When it comes as a great novel, “The dream of a red chamber” would tell us more. 

People will see beauty in the Chinese heroism. It was shown in the wars against the Japanese invasion. It was shown in a new China. And it was shown recently. There are so many heroes in China. In the recent fight against the virus covid-19, numerous doctors, nurses had dedicated their own life. They have a spirit built in the soul long ago.

Taiwan question is not an easy one. 

Someone does not like the term “Chinese Spirit”.  They avoided the term like ghost. They would use army and bombs to solve the Taiwan problem. They do not like to talk about mind matters, they prefer to use arms. They said the mind is not practical. It is the sad side of the story. 

No. 3  to share the resources

How much money is needed to solve the Taiwan issue?

Now it is a practical question. 

If you are not sharing the written language, and if you are not sharing the spirit, now will you be willing to pay?

It is the most difficult part, actually. 

Will a sum of US$7,200,000 be enough to share with the Taiwan Compatriots?

It needs not a prove to tell that money is useful. But to use it wisely is not easy. How much is enough? What are the goods to buy with the money?

In the year 1867, the United States had used a sum of seven million plus two hundred thousand dollars to buy the land of Alaska. Almost all the United States people was against it by then. Alaska was a cold and completely useless land in that time. And it was a true and cold fact. 

It tells us that you need to have a clear mind to decide things yourself.  People might be using excuses from other directions to oppose it. 

Does it need a long time to prove it? Yes. Now there is US nuclear war base under the Alaska water, and lots of oil plus benefits of fishery. And it was once the dream land for gold diggers.

And now let us get back to the Taiwan issue. 

Who is the guy you are dealing with? In case you need to pay, who is the buyer? And that is the question for the next issue.

NO. 4   a war

The only question is:

Who is our enemy?

If that question is answered properly, and if all the estimation is well prepared, a war is sure to win. 

The small one can beat the big one, why?

The first question is: Will you dare to challenge the big one?

People are reluctant to answer the question. They are reluctant to challenge the right enemy. 

Because, they are fear. 

They choose to challenge someone seems to be their enemy and actually the one is not the real enemy. 

They were fighting in vain when the real enemy is staying behind to hand over ammunition and arms for the mercenaries paid by him. 

If you need to throw a bomb, where?

Will you throw a bomb at Taipei, or Washington?

If you have that insight and that bravery, you will win. 

Move the war field out of Taiwan, and drive away the enemy.

Tell them, if you dare to put in the hand, I will shoot your head.

Who is your enemy? The hand or the head?

When your ships and airplanes arrive Taiwan, there should be welcoming cheers, but no gun shots.