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  The System of Jesus

  I am just working on this topic.
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Desire nothing and you are strong, is it true?

No, it is not true. Desire nothing and you are gone. Definitely gone. 

Keep away from your desire, is the traditional teaching of Confucius, though it is never really respected by the Scribes in the Chinese ruling class. It is only popular in the rural areas. The peasants were living humbly and in extreme poverty, yet they never dare to desire anything.

To be a human being, we are born to have some desires. We need to have food, we need to have sex, we need knowledge, we need to communicate, and we need to do something. These are the desires given to us by the divine power. Desire is not a bad thing, greed is. Nothing is too much when we share, and nothing is impossible when we dare.  

How dare we are?

Yes, with a little faith, we dare.

What is faith?

To believe something from within, knowing what  to do, is faith.

People with a faith, is stronger.

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Soul searching……… Where is my soul?

This is not a proper question. We should ask:  Where is Our soul? We have lost our grand soul, since an unknown time. We have huge crime rate, we cannot find peace on earth, we are poor, we are poor materialistically and spiritually both.

Where is our soul?

If found, we will have peace, and we shall be rich, rich in spirit, and have enough money.

Where is our soul?

Soul is in Love, soul is in Wisdom, and Soul is in God.

What is love?  Love is one. When we can see the oneness of the universe, we would love our neighbors as well as our enemies.

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is to admit the holiness of truth. Never tell a lie, honor the truth, we could find the way.

What is God?  God is one.  God is in us, and we are in God. There must be God in a proper soul, without a God, a soul is not a soul. To search a soul, is to search for God.

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Tolerance produces greatness……Is it true?

This is very old thought coming from the Confucian scholars.

To become great, is comparable to becoming one. Greatness and Oneness are different philosophically.  They are two different mind-sets.

When the aim itself is greatness, tolerance had become secondary.  It was said the sea never refuses rivers, even they are very small, thus becoming great. However, more can be seen when invasion happens. Swallowing up neighbors produces greatness also.

The thought of  oneness can be seen in the early Zhuang Zi's works in China, Christian thoughts, and some Indian works.

They are two kinds of thinking patterns. When the aim itself is growing big,  people will not consider the welfare of every one. To enslave others are allowed, and love is minimum.

And this is the mind-set not only happens in politics, it creates completely different culture.

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「有容乃大, 無欲則剛」的意思是甚麼?

Tolerence produces greatness, desire nothing and you are strong......What is the meaning?

最近, 在香港西區聖安東尼教堂正門前面, 貼上了一些 「有容乃大, 無欲則剛」之類標語。

有一些感受, 無法制止自己不說。


假如你們有像芥子那樣大的信德, 你們向這座山說: 從這邊移到那邊去, 它必會移過去的; 為你們沒有不可能的事。



儒家提倡禮教和服從, 提倡四種非禮( 非禮勿視之類的「無欲」), 是消極的。有信德才是積極的。

其次, 基督的觀點是「一」, 而儒家的觀點是「大」。兩者不同。天下為一, 而我們只有一位真神。所以, 在「一」的裡面, 我們彼此相愛,連敵人也愛。「一」是全面的, 而「大」是片面的。孔子主張攻乎異端, 以直報怨, 層次和基督相去甚遠。「有容乃大」之類的標語, 是虛偽的。

把教堂裝飾得像孔子學院那樣, 是不好的。

(再者, 如果有一天, 人們發覺「四大皆空」比「無欲則剛」更動聽的時候, 會不會也貼在教堂門前。)

2013 7 19


Can we change our culture?

this is the difficult issue  I am trying to think.
I am writing.
slow, but it is coming.

Thanks for your patience    (2013.7.18)


What is the internal view of the Modern World?

From the external point of view, the modern world has got a minimum of conflicts.  All major conflicts are settled; there will not be a 3rd world war, definitely.

And the modern world is fairly developed. People use mobile and airplane to communicate. There are uneven situations, but the uneven situations will not produce large conflicts. As all conflicts are minor. Terrorist attacks just proved they are unable to start a bigger war.

But the decisive factor is not to be seen externally. It’s all there within.

People at one time had great fear of using up all petroleum in the earth. And pollution, and economic crisis are always there, threatening everyone. Keep the machine working, is the hidden outcry of the leaders. There must be enough work for every one, and the markets must be open at all cost.  

But the most sensitive minds are never at ease. They have felt something. They knew there are big eruptions hidden somewhere, though no one could tell what is that.

If someone tells you, the mathematics and sciences are like petroleum, will one day be used up, and can handle modern problems no more. What do you think? Will you think that is absurd?

Not only mathematics, but also literature and art. May be the failure of art is more easily seen. Just go into any modern museum and you will see the emptiness of mind there. And please open a poem book (if you can find one); you will justify the same phenomenon. However, to find out the failure of modern science is not so easy. But you can just compare, to compare the different approaches of the Chinese, see how they see the inner world of the human body, and universe. You will eventually be convinced; there are different kinds of brains. Some left, some right.  And it needs much effort to turn the external eye into internal wisdom.

The Chinese? One would have different impression. The pollutions and all sorts of funny tales are strong convincing forces that make people neglect the actual things happening there.

And one more important fact is, the Chinese themselves do not know what is going on too. They are thinking more or less the same with the West. Keep the market and every moving part of the society moving, keep up the figures and every thing is ok. The Chinese themselves just simply cannot know what is going on in the Chinese medicine, they cannot tell you why. They are just doing according the teaching of the ancient books. May be it is true that the ancient Chinese did had seen some alien wisdom and preserving them until now.

The Chinese are seeking the Western technologies as eager as it could be.  And they seldom try to see it internally; there are no major outbreaks in the Chinese mind, up till now. They are sitting comfortably in the fault lines of something important, yet they are not aware. Some of the Chinese are trying to embrace Confucius, thinking may be it could help to fix the social conflicts and keep the active minds at bay. But Confucius is nothing to do with the ancient wisdom. Confucius was a “modern” (to compare with the real ancient times) clever man; his main concern was to help the ruling class to rule. He knew nothing about the original wisdom of the ancient wisdom. And the Chinese are as ignorant as ever. Glimpse of light come from the ancient culture itself, not the polluted modern Chinese land.

What is the internal view of the Modern World?

I would say, wisdoms are drying up as the petroleum. Modern sciences are same with modern art, can handle modern affairs no more.

The modern world is decaying internally, yet it is glamorous from the outside.

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              By Leechard


What is the soul of democracy?

Every thing has its inner and outer side. In the case of democracy, if we could view it from the inner side, much of the problem would be clear.

One question:

Drone usage.  Do drones eliminate terrorist or produce them?

According to a report in 2013.7.3. from the BBC, “Drones Strikes are a source of severe tension between the US and Pakistan. It is estimated that between 2004 and 2013, CIA drone attacks in Pakistan killed up to 3460 people.  About 890 of them were civilians and the vast majority of strikes were carried out by the Obama administration, research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism said.”

And the feelings are not easily obtainable from the West. What would be the direct result of such attacks? It is hatred.  And hatred is the fuel for terrorism.  Drones are doing a very bad job; they are counter-productive, achieving the opposite result. 

Another example.

19 brave firefighters killed in central Arizona wild fire.  They have nowhere to go suddenly, and were buried into the fire. In the most urgent moments, will there be a drone coming to help them? Will there be some kind of robotic tank, carrying water cannons and different sorts of heavy machinary, running to their help? Will there be rockets, water carrying CO2 bombs, bomb into the bushes and eliminate the fire quickly? 

All answers are negative. As all the drones and rockets and tanks are to create fire, not to eliminate fire. Yet they are too far away, not in Arizona, but in Pakistan.

And the question remains:

Why do wise political people do opposite things always? Are they not wise enough?

We need to look into the soul of democracy.

It is something happened deep in the soul of democracy.

Democracy is external structure people put into their group behavior.  It all depends on the group mind, or we call that a soul, or HTS (human thinking system).

Leaders usually act according to the frame of structure. The smarter they are, the more wrong they would be, if the soul were misleading.

The US is an important example for this. Deep in the bottom of the Declaration of Independence, there is NO true equality, and the spirit of it is the traditional kind:  Eye for eye (it is so called justice, not to be argue with), and the word “hatred” is omitted, as well as the word “love”, however, omitting love, is to allow “justice” to be done without other consideration, as the common passion of human love is excluded. It says that life, freedom, and the right to seek pleasure are self-evident. What does self-evident mean? It means a truth doesn’t need proof. But it might have missed a lot other rights, for example,

The right to seek not pleasure but truth, and the right to love and to be loved are also self-evident.

Deep in the minds of the early American, they simply couldn’t view things from a universal view, and to love even your enemy is out of the question. You need only to beat them.

Why is terrorism so difficult to handle?

Spirit of hatred is the reason. And drones are just the tools for creating more terrorists, not less.

We are talking about the souls of democracy, and that is seldom mentioned. People just like to talk about the “mature” kind of democracy. It seems the structure of democracy could develop from a naïve kind to a mature kind. But if you can see the soul inside the structure is decisive, you will search painfully for a better view for it.

We all need a change. To change what? Our soul.

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What is the inner problem with democracy?

I wish to write something about the “inner problem” with democracy. But I hesitated.  It is the reason why you can’t find me for the last two days in the blog. For I don’t know how to draw the inner picture.  I searched my memory, and searched my old book. I had mentioned a song in the chapter about “in and out” in “Zhuangian Theory”( A book in Chinese in my blog), but still it is not easy to explain what is “in”. Perhaps“in” is not definable. However, I will try to explain what is “in”.

If you cut an orange into two, can you find the “in” in the orange? No, still it is external side of the orange, you can cut it into four, or eight, or sixteen, until you can cut no more. Haven’t we reached the “in” of the orange? No, still we are in the external.

Then what is “in”?We know what is “in”, but cannot define it.

Only by sometime, you can reach the “in” with your mind.

“In” is something to communicate with. Use your mind, and you can reach the inside of something. Use your eye; you can reach only the external side.

How do I know the inner side of the orange?

By closing my eye.

Some people can use no mind, but eyes only. They have no intuition to see things, they have no love to reach minds, and they are crippled inside.

Here is a song by John Lennon. I used to doubt, whether it was exactly this song that had irritated the killer to kill him. 

“Cripple inside”

You can shine you’re shoes
And wear a suit
You can comp your hair
And look quite cute
You can hide your face
Behind a smile
One thing you can’t hide
Is when you’re crippled inside

You wear a mask
And paint your face
You can call yourself
The human race
You can wear a collar
And a tie
But the one thing you
Can’t hide is when you’re
Crippled inside

Well now you know that your
Cat has nine lives babe
Nine loves to itself
But you only got one
And a dog life ain’t no fun
Mamma take a look outside

You can go to church
And sing a hymn
Judge me by the politics
Of my voice
You can live a lie until you die
One thing you can’t hide
Is when you’re crippled inside

Lyrics by John Lennon revised by Leechard
(The original line was “Judge me by the color, Of my skin”)

And now, do we know what is “in”?

Yes, it is very easy. By closing our eyes, we can know what is it. And to close the eyes, is to use the inner strength within ourselves. We will not know how strong we are until we have reached inside and felt our inner energy.

And now, what is the inner problem with democracy?

Democracy is only a slice of the bread. It is only part of a process. It is only part of the complete course of human life.

Democracy, or any other kinds of Xemocracy, Yemocracy, should be a complete process of a group of human beings. Democracy should care about not only the political problems of the being itself,but also all problems of the human life itself.

Human life is not only living.  Living is a temporary word, there must be something higher then living: For example, achieving. We the group of human beings are not living for itself, but for a kind of total achievement, though the final aim of the achievement might not be known, but a better democracy should have the function to keep that in its working process.

Older form of democracy deals with only a small part of the problem: power and its distribution.

But a Newer form of democracy should deal with the complete process of the human life. We shall call it New-mocracy.

New-mocracy should have the power to seek a possible path, the power to rebirth itself, and the power to keep itself healthy and clean.

The inner problem of democracy is in its short span. It cares too little. It cares for only a slice of the whole living process.  For a slice of something, the soul is severed and not complete. The real inner problem is in its soul, or lacking a soul.

What is the soul of democracy?

It must not be greed, or hatred, or selfishness, or pleasure seeking………..

We have almost reached the inner problem by discovering the next question:  What is the soul of democracy?

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