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Is “love” a concept or an evolutionary trace in the human body?

9186  Is "love" a concept or an evolutionary trace in the human body?  20190218

Love is not only a concept but a human function with a special unit in the body to keep it going. And the unit is developed during the evolutionary process in a very short time, maybe it is only a few thousand years. Before that, human is same with other animals, without  knowledge of love. The sole purpose of a human being is to survive. The fables of Aesop is a prove. There was no concept of love in the fables of Aesop. The concept of love was brought in by Jesus Christ.

However, love is more than a concept. It is a feeling, and the feeling is a function of our body.

Is it important? When every one is busy to find a way to make a living, all other things are not important.

Yet it is important, if we can see the future of us humans, we would find everything more interesting.

If the feeling of love is a function of some inner units in our body, we can expect other feeling could be developed too.

For example, the feeling to know the minds of other people is also important. If you know beforehand the other guy next to you have a weapon at hand and he is going to rob you, you will be alerted. But many people are lacking such feelings. They would not know the smiling face of a friend could turn out to be a cheater.

And this is the beginning of some more important feelings. Such as the feeling to foresee a disaster. Seldom could we know when is an earthquake coming.

Some people do have such feelings while many other don't, and few people  would believe it. However, if we could see it in a viewpoint of evolution, it is completely different.

Future human can have a feeling much different from us now. They will have very strong feeling of others, that love is real always. They can connect to each other via an unknown channel, they would know each other without talking. They can send a message with the mind waves.

And all such feelings are the functions of the special unit developed during the evolution of mankind.

Some people would never believe it would happen. They were like earth worms under the soil. Earth worms would never belief that people can see with their eyes. They can only use skin to feel the earth and live underground. They would never believe in light or eyesight. Because they have not been evolved.

What are we going to be evolved into?

If everyone on earth has a feeling towards each other, they would be living very happily. And their happiness is real. It will not be the same as the old form of  material satisfaction only. It will be mind satisfaction and mind coordination. Which is a real source of happiness.

From the point of evolution, we said "everyone". Yes, it must be a basic function with a basic unit built in our inner self, then we can be sure that we are indeed evolved into the second stage of human kind.

Some people on earth now has a bit of that kind of feeling already. They are the lucky few who are the forerunners for human kind. They have a stronger urge to feel and to love. They know much more then the rest of us. But we can be sure that in future, may be in ten thousand years of time later, everyone would have that feeling, because, we are evolved then.

Love is a thought or a concept in our time. It is not easy to have that concept. It cannot be taught in classrooms. You will never know what love is until you have that feeling. Many of us know only of "want", rather then "love". If they say I love you, it meant I want you.

Love is a feeling. You got to have a special gut to have that feeling.

And it is very strange that the feeling could be gained in a very special moment.

It is in the moment of fighting. If people are fighting together seriously in war, they would love and care for each other.  Working together and fighting together are the base of love.

Therefore, I doubt that war is a necessary evil for us human beings to develop a function in our inner selves for a feeling, and love.

If there are no war, there will be no love. We are fighting for our survival every day. We shall never be evolved if we need not to fight.

We will be a little smarter if we can feel this. And I do hope people will be more aware that other function in our body will develop too.  We are just like the earth worms. It is very difficult for us to know the unknown abilities ahead of us. Only a few could see the upper layer of sceneries.

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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Will Chairman Mao come back to China?

9185 Will Chairman Mao come back to China  20190204

I will list here two findings about why Chairman Mao will come back to China in a not very far away future. My study will be non-political. It means my study will not be focused in the will of political powers, but on philosophical trends only.

1.  Mao is an idealist

Firstly, Mao is an idealist. Ideal is human. We all need to have some ideals. We all expect ideal things to come. An ideal home, an ideal job, an ideal spouse, and most important above all, an ideal country. The difference between an idealist and a pragmatist is that, an idealist aims at a distance much far away, while a pragmatist need not to have a long-term target.  A pragmatist thinks about how to survive, yet an idealist concerns what is the far away goal.

Ideals could be misleading. It could be wrong. It could lead to a bad result. But we all need an ideal. Ideal can provide ultimate motivation. Ideal could be the force for a human life. Animals need not to have ideal, but human beings need it. It is not important to judge whether an ideal be right or wrong. More important is the method to achieve the ideal. Methods could be wrong or even deadly, even it is effective and useful sometimes.

Mao is an idealist. He wants to heal the world. He wants to have a heaven on earth. He has got the charisma and he is appealing. Some people do not like him. Actually, problem is in his method. He uses a powerful motivation method to lead the country for an ideal. He said, bad elements were like dust on the floor. You need to sweep them away. Thus came the long years of class struggle. Later part of the story was history. We are not going to discuss the good or bad of class struggle. However, his ideal and his motivation method is two important parts of his success. He would offer first an ideal, then an effective method to achieve the ideal. He would tell you, if bad elements be removed, the ideal is yours. Some people hated Mao. They do not know, with their heated hatred, they are using the method of Mao, though they may or may not share the vision of Mao.

Jesus uses sacrifice to achieve his ideal. Mao uses motivation power.

Mao has got a great ideal. He promotes selfless. He supports the ancient ideal that the world is equally shared by all. His ideal is almost the same with that of Sun Yat-sen. They both support the idea of a selfless world. Only that their method is different.

Now the ex-leader of China was gone. But he was gone not very far away. He would comeback sooner of later, with an idealist flag at hand, he will offer another chance for China. However, the Chinese people is not the same as before. They are cautious, and highly alerted. They will bring back the ideal in a new form in a new era.

2. An inner form of Government

Now we shall come to see the second finding about Chairman Mao, which is the real essence of him. He had brought to China an inner form of Government.

If we ask Plato, what is democracy, he will tell us, democracy is pluralistic oligarchy. And the problem of democracy is only that people do not have wisdom to choose. This had been a hot debate topic for thousands of years.

Plato is western minded. In the case of a Chinese minded person, he will soon find out the main concern of democracy. Democracy is external and lifeless.

Democracy is an external mean to run the country. In a democratic country, people were living like separated pebbles in a sea shore. A country is more like a commercial organization than a living body. Work is boring in a money-oriented place, especially when its other people's money. Lucky ones can organize themselves in the form of a family. But family is fragile. It could be easily broken up. Anyone can expect an old and lonely future. There will not be any ideal in a democratic country. The basic foundation of Democracy is materialism.  

Democratic materialism dominates everything. People are more and more selfish than before. It is a growing trend.
Can democratic people be parts of a living body, not as machine parts? Can they be concerned to each other and cared by each other? Sometimes only. Lonely people are forever lonely. There is not a law to govern people that they must love each other.  They are lacking the necessary function of love. The government structure is not a build-in living structure like a human body, but a man-made structure to "govern" the individual units.

Mao is different.

Mao had actually found a way to transfer energy in a living body.

He used a national party to convey energy and messages and every thing in the tubes in the body.

There were and there will be heavy criticism about that. If we put away the political ideas, we will see the function of the party, is actually like the function of some form of inner energy running. It needs a clear mind to see into this point. There are lots of eye-covering concepts here.  For example, if someone believed that it is evil, he will never see the inner side of the problem.

And it is true that the inner energies can be directed in different ways, it could either be left-turned or right-turned, it could be rational, or evil.  We should bear in mind that even though it is an inner oriented organization, it is still a tool only. The tool could be functional or not functional, but it is the people behind the tool who leads the way. The tool itself will never be evil or holy, but the human beings behind it would.

It is another form of human organization besides the external democratic design.

Mao's form is like a living body, not a lifeless concrete factory building which is composed of bricks and cements. And Mao had only very limited years to try out his inner Government. It might need ten thousand years to make it complete and acceptable for everyone.

And his idea of the country is from ancient China, mixed with Marxism later. Ancient Chinese believes a country is the extension of a family.

Chairman Mao had not come to such an idea. However, he was very close to it.   

How do you "run" a country like a family?

He uses a party to run a country. It is very much the same as religious ruling. But it is not the same.

A party is like veins and nerves in a human body. Every cell is connected by the party.

Veins and nerves are like hidden tubes in the human body.

In the early days of Mao, he was very successful to motivate the party. He won numerous wars. The country had become united in one country and one party. He had lots of inner energies to move the veins.

And people cannot deny that there is really a soul on top of all the blood veins and energy systems.

What is the soul of China?

Pragmatic people need not to care about that. And it could be the most appealing factor of Mao. He is an idealist. He had no problem to tell you about what to do and where to go in the future. And it is an idealistic dream for China, in a future inner form of Government structure, people are working happily for their ideal and living in a place like a grand living being. Work is not boring anymore, because, every work has a meaning. And that means, life is meaningful.

It is always a puzzle for the world.  How can the Chinese pick up the speed so fast? What is the secret behind it? One of the most important secret is here. The Chinese are running an internal and living country.  The function of the country is like a single living creature. The leadership of their party is vital in the fast growing of China.

Pragmatism and Idealism are two main streams of thought in China. Mao will be coming back in a not very far away future, no matter which of the streams wins or loses or combines.  

The only dispute here is that Mao need not to come back. He is always here.

And the next important thing is, can the Chinese people turn the inner energies into clear and open energies in the future? A visible form of inner government is the proof of a healthy growth.

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

(#The author can be reached by Whatsapp at 852-91864286)