How can my soul travel without me?

How can my soul travel without me?

Yes, a soul can travel without its owner. You just see how some of the historical figure travels, you will understand. For example, Julius Caesar travels, and Alexander the Great travels, even a smaller figure like the fable writer Aesop also travels. And l would doubt whether the soul of a modern writer Leechard the small can travel or not. 

We need a higher angle to see into this. A soul is not the same with a life. They both have owners, yet a life have more than an owner. A life has a controller, the controller is the "self" of the life. A soul need not to have a controller. No one controls Alexander the Great, yet he is defined by history. Anyone can know who is Alexander the Great, and you can even be inspired by him. There are lots of great souls in history, they can be your energy sources, like the sun and the stars. You will grow up with lots of the energy sources if you are enlightened. 

Yes a soul can travel in history, and some of the souls can be forgotten and waken up again and again. We can never be sure which of the souls exits or not, however, we are the end result of some of the souls. And we can say that we are the souls. There is a controller for a life. Each life claimed that the life belongs to a pronoun of "me".  Yet a soul needs not to make a claim.    

It is good to know the differences of life and soul. We can be a little stronger to know this. We shall fear of nothing.  And you will wish to know, which is more important, the life or the soul? As a humble little creature like us, we usually regard  life is more important.  Many people just never have realized that there is a soul within the body. Yet if we can know the ultimate controlling power is in the souls, not in the lives, we would be much happier than we should be.