How does a soul travel ?

How does a soul travel

It happens always like this: 

If your love one had gone, then some of the episode will return. A word, a smile or something happened between you and your love one. You will remember it. It kept coming back to you. How many times it will come back? It is not important. Important is that you had kept it in your memory. It meant the soul of your love one was with you. It will dissolve into your mind, and you will say something similar or act something similar to someone else. Then your soul travels. 

And your memory is not limited to your love ones. You read books. You watch movies. You had experienced many things. Episodes and even the whole of a theme will come up from your mind. You had absolved them. When you write something or do something, the soul is not solely yours. You had a complicated soul with the strength of your history and your culture and, more importantly, your universe.  

Life is a traveling procession. It is not isolated. It travels with genes which is external and a soul which is internal. 

When a certain amount of genes and souls met in your body, it is your own life. You are the chief caretaker of your own life. You had received other souls and composed your own soul. When you said to yourself, "I am me。"Your soul is established. It will not stay forever in you. It will travel to faraway places. And you will be decomposed. You will never say, "I am not me", because by the time you are decomposed, you will have no chance to say that. But your soul still travels. 

If you have a faith like this, then you will be very strong and fear of nothing. You are a traveller forever.  You had already sent out your gene and your soul long before the decomposition.